What is the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD)?

The NYTD is a nationwide study that surveys youth about their thoughts and experiences in foster care as they prepare to transition to adulthood. Youth who complete the initial survey at age 17 will also receive a follow-up survey when they turn 19 and again when they turn 21. The information collected is used to improve foster care and independent living services. Each state is required to collect information for NYTD, and Florida wants every young person's voice to be heard!

Completing all three surveys is really important to make sure Florida and the U.S. have the best data possible so they can make sure youth in foster care have the services they need to help them prepare for a successful transition to adulthood. 

 For more information about the NYTD in general, click on the link below to visit the Federal Administration for Children & Families website:

National Youth in Tranistion Database